About Us

Dropper Stop is your one-stop shop for dropper bottles.

We realize that ordering dropper bottles from big name online retailers is a shot in the dark at best.  With several vendors selling the same product at these big-namers, there is often little consistency in the quality and type of product you get - leaky droppers, bulbous-tipped droppers, poorly packaged products and worse.


We take the guesswork out of shopping online for dropper bottles by providing consistently high quality products.  And because we focus primarily on the niche market of dropper bottles, we get the best deals and pass the savings on to those we appreciate most - you!


Dropper Stop is a new name in the industry, but we have been operating since 2012 as Eclectic Supply.  After making the decision to focus mainly on dropper bottles, we felt that renaming the business to accurately reflect our mission was a priority!

  Great Deals

Though our main focus is on dropper bottles, we do have a couple other categories and occasional closeout deals, so be sure to check around and find what items might be right for you.

Thanks for shopping with us!